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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Public Meeting 16 February 2010

Summary of Public Meeting to form

Churchgate Street Residents’ Association

Tuesday 16 February 2010 at 7.30 pm

1) 56 residents attended this meeting as follows:

Hobbs Cross Road – 2, Elmbridge – 5, Churchgate Street – 5, Mill Lane – 28 (includes Fitzwilliam Court), Cobbins Way – 7, Burnside Terrace – 1, Staffords – 3, Not identified - 5

Also attending were: Councillor Muriel Jolles and Christine Selby (Harlow Council)

2) After discussion it was agreed that:

1. A Residents’ Association (RA) should be formed to benefit the whole area

2. The RA committee election should be as representative as possible

3. As the meeting attendance was unbalanced we should not elect a committee

4. An interim committee should be formed for a period of 3 months

5. The interim committee should:

· Define the area covered and agree a constitution

· Seek recognition for the RA from the Council

· Apply for any immediate funding available from the Council

· Propose a method of election of the RA ongoing committee

· Deal with any immediate RA business as necessary

· Publicise widely and hold a further public meeting within 3 months to report back and elect the ongoing committee.

3) The following volunteers to the interim committee were approved:

Doreen Goodall - Mill Lane; Sandra Rose, Robin McCartney, Louise Tasker, David Bracey – CGS; Colin Black, Simon Cooper – Churchmill Grange; Margaret Chalk – Elmbridge; Paul McLintic (Interim Chair) – Staffords.

This interim committee will meet at 7.30 pm, Tues 2 March 2010, St Hugh’s Room, St Mary’s Church.

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